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Animal protection laws in Australia have been set up to fail | The Transcontinental



We are in the heat of an Australian summer when I pull my car up outside a sheep station.

Sheep lay on the ground not moving, and I can’t tell if they are alive or not.

Further from the fence line I can see rotting carcasses of sheep, their eyes and stomach open and being picked at by birds.

I take photos on my phone and look up the number for the RSPCA.

Before they even answer, I am furious.

I know that no one may ever come, and even if they do it may be days or weeks away.

Prosecution for animal cruelty is so unlikely I don’t even give it a thought.

Anyone who works or volunteers in animal protection will know exactly how I am feeling.

But our anger is misdirected, the RSPCA isn’t to blame. This is the government’s fault.


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